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Paul W. Hottel, O.D. John W. Weihe, O.D.
Dennis J. Schlader, O.D.    Sheri L. Roggy, O.D.
Jayme N. Wilhelm, O.D. Nicholas J. Olberding, O.D.
Kara E. Heying, O.D.
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eye doctor Iowa City, IA 52240 Paul W. Hottel, O.D.
Designer Sunglasses Iowa City, IA John W. Weihe, O.D.
contact lenses Iowa City, IA 52240 Dennis J. Schlader, O.D.
lasik surgery Iowa City, Iowa Sheri L. Roggy, O.D.
eye doctor Iowa City, IA 52240 Jayme N. Wilhelm, O.D.
eye doctor Iowa City, IA 52240 Nicholas J. Olberding, O.D.
Designer Sunglasses Iowa City, IA Kara E. Heying, O.D.

Welcome to Eye Associates
1937 - 2015 - Celebrating 78 years of service in the Iowa City Area!
Thank you to all of our friends who made it possible!
The focus of Eye Associates of Iowa City is to provide the best possible professional eyecare with quality service to each individual. Our philosophy is not one of "fitting you with glasses", but rather to ensure that your vision and eye health needs are met in a professional and caring manner.

Did you know that your eyes reveal insight regarding your overall health? In fact, your eyes provide early detection for many different diseases that can affect more than just your vision! That's why during your regularly scheduled eye health evaluation, we routinely perform comprehensive eye health tests that look for signs and symptoms of many different diseases, not just eye diseases. If discovered early, eye conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and even heart disease may be manageable. That is why it is so important to leave your total eye care to eye care professionals.

To serve the outlying communities we maintain Optometrists in Williamsburg, Optometrists in Kalona and Optometrists in West Liberty, Iowa. Stop in today and see why we have earned our reputation of excellence in eye health care and patient satisfaction!

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Coralville Office 1101 5th St, #103 Coralville, IA 52241 Phone: 319-354-5030 Fax: 319-358-5806
Iowa City Office 1018 William Street Iowa City, IA 52240 Phone: (319) 338-9275 Fax: (319) 338-2499
Kalona Office 204 5th Street Kalona, IA 52247 Phone: (319) 656-2420 Fax: (319) 656-3930
North Liberty Office 555 West Cherry Street #2 North Liberty, IA 52317 Phone: 319-626-3937 Fax: 319-626-3938
West Liberty Office 121 E. 3rd Street West Liberty, IA 52776 Phone: (319) 627-4755 Fax: (319) 627-4755
Williamsburg Office 407 Court Street Williamsburg, IA 52361 Phone: (319) 668-2471 Fax: (319) 668-2471

The eye associates of Iowa city proudly serves the city of Iowa City and the sorrounding towns of Oakdale, Coralville Hills, Tiffin, North Liberty, Oxford, Solon, Riverside, Lone Tree, West Branch, Kalona, West Liberty.

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